Let's Learn Dental Anatomy Together

Teeth are an important component in the oral cavity with various functions. Its main function is to chew food, but also plays a role in talking. Let's get to know the anatomy of the teeth, so you can be more optimal in maintaining healthy teeth and tooth function. Dental anatomy is divided into two basic parts. First is the crown, the part of the tooth that you can see is white. Second is the tooth root, which you cannot see. Recognizing Parts of a Tooth Maybe all this time you only know the white part of the teeth that appear from the outside, even though in more detail, the teeth consist of several layers or parts. The following parts of the teeth with different roles: Enamel Enamel is the outermost part of the hardest and white teeth. Enamel plays a role in protecting vital tissue in the teeth made of a mineral called calcium and phosphate. Dentin The dentin layer is below the enamel layer. When enamel is damaged, hot or cold temperatures can get into the teeth
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